Why is it important to have regular massage.

Have you heard of this proverb: ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’ well most of my clients would have saved hundreds of pounds in medical bills, time off work, pain & heart ache & more if they have had at least one massage a month or more depending on their daily activities or stress, & not wait until a noticeable problem accrues. [expand title=”Read More”]If you notice every highly professional sports person is provided with a care team of professionals that lookout for their welfare, & a massage therapist is normally within that team.  This is because getting a massage regularly helps in so many great ways & plays an important part in healing & keeping the body in tip top shape.  Our bodies has many systems that work together to make us function, so with the correct kind of massage it can help them all in a positive way & so its advisable to always practice Prevention than to wait for a Cure. Remember miner issues are normally a lot cheaper & easier to mend, than ones that are more serious. [/expand]


What does the word BENIGN mean.

It means all that is pleasant, nice, caring & more..  Most people believe that a sports massage has to be a painful experience before you can get great results, well that is far from the truth & not what you may have been told or heard. [expand title=”Read More”]

Massage is about helping the flow of the blood & lymphatic system, warming up areas, breaking down knots & increase stimulation, overall repairing tissues & reducing damage / injuries of the body, & not causing uncomfortable pain.[/expand]


How does massage help to keep the body in good shape.

Massage helps the joints, tissue, glands also organs both before & after activities, examples are warming up areas to stimulate sluggishness, increase range of movement, flood joints & tissue with oxygenated blood that gets the body ready before your activity & in result helps to prevent injuries.[expand title=”Read More”]  Also massage helps by removing de-oxygenated blood, toxin build up, ease tense / sore muscles, alert  hormones within the body like endorphins that do things like reducing pain & so helps with tension & more after activities.  So if you are serious about the welfare of your body, both mentally & physically, coming to see me is key.[/expand]


What kind of activities could cause problems to our bodies.

Most activities like Jogging, Dancing, Swimming, Weight training, Martial Arts & more.  Note, not only physical activities can cause problems to our bodies, because mental & psychological stress can cause the body to behave in a adverse way also. [expand title=”Read More”] A massage can helps by stimulating the Endocrine System, a make up of glands of our body, that makes / secretes chemical called hormones like serotonin that helps to regulate things like low mood, memory, sleep, happiness & more.  So even if you do a office job, or your a stay at home mum or dad, a train driver, plane navigator, nurse or doctor, you will still surely get some great help & benefits from my knowledge & skills. [/expand]


What else do BENIGN THERAPY offer other than massage treatments.

We provide a FREE up to 45 minutes time to all clients to have their consultation, to fill in the consultation form & to ask/answer questions on couch treatments, when you have your first treatment so we don’t take up your treatment time. We are a mobile service that go out to where ever you are, like your home, a hotel & in some cases the place where you work, so if you are busy with limited time, a client who may have difficulties to get to a therapist, or like a dedicated therapist to provide you with more care & attention to a old injury or problem area, then I can arrange a more wider slot just for you.  [expand title=”Read More”]  I also provide important advice when it comes to nutrition, exercise & stretches.  In some cases I may feel the need to refer you to see other relevant professionals like your doctor if I believe it is needed.  This is pivotal because I take your care & wellbeing very seriously & referrals sometimes helps & prevent more serious conditions & so its important to always follow up on my professional advise.[/expand]


Overall Objective Results.

Occupational,  Emotional & Postural Stress Relief:   Myofascial Release:   Blood & Lymphatic Circulation Improvement:   Ease & Relax Stiff Joints,  Tendons,  Ligaments,  Muscles & Fasciae’s:   Body Toning up & Dull Skin Improvement.



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